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My first experience with aromatherapy was a Lavender Reed Diffuser – it was so nice and relaxing. Later, I discovered that there are a lot of other natural fragrances and they have different wellness and health benefits! I started attending workshops and wanted to learn more. Slowly, I was able to concoct different fragrances. I combined premium fragrance oils from France and Spain with natural essential oils. The result was an aromatic line that smells wonderful and has a lot of wellness benefits too. My first crowd favorite was White Tea – a clean and luxurious hotel scent that boasts of the calming benefits of Bergamot essential oil. Today, Garden Lab offers 5 core scents infused with natural essential oils: Amber Rose, French Lavender, Mint Eucalyptus, Grapefruit Vanilla, and White Tea. We are the first and only local crafter to blend natural essential oils into our home fragrance collection of room sprays, candles, reed diffusers and humidifier oils.