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Garden Lab

Naturally Effective

Our Story

Garden Lab started as one woman’s search for affordable and natural alternatives for her family. With the market filled with products claiming to be 100% natural but ends up with harmful chemicals, she began her search for farms who distill their own oils and started formulating her own products. Garden Lab was born.

Among the first products to be created was Tea Tree Purifying Beauty Oil and Lash & Brow Serum. They were used by her sister who has sparse lashes and brows and has hormonal break outs. Sleepy Head was born because of her baby daughter who has trouble sleeping. She later on made more products as requested like Tamanu Turmeric which helped a staff suffering from eczema. And VariCure for a cousin undergoing weekly dialysis to help aid in stress and blood flow.

CARE. It’s our core value. No one is born into the world to look out only for his or her interest. Like how a gardener tends to her plants with utmost care, we are all in need of and are also capable of giving care.

Care for Self.
In order to care for others, we must know how to take care of ourselves. Garden Lab’s beauty products are made with natural ingredients and are always clean and toxin-free.

We champion transparency, imperfections and mistakes. Far from the glossy magazine images, no one is born with glass perfect pores. Let alone great genes you inherited from your parents. That’s why we encourage unfiltered photos, and real customers as models and ambassadors.

Care for Others.
“Money runs the world”, reads an old saying. But in the world where illness, hunger and abuse are prevalent, we want to normalize supporting and caring for others. This means:
Giving jobs to the less fortunate and equipping them to discover their abilities.
Employing breadwinners to support families – teen moms, under graduates, out of school youth.

Care for Earth.
With the rise of climate change affecting not only our generation today but also future generations, we use glass bottles as much as possible. We also have an ongoing communication with a plastic recycling facility to be responsible for our plastic waste. Online purchases has been the norm this pandemic, it also means more plastic. We are currently testing alternatives to bubble wrapping such as corrugated sheets to help lessen plastic use.